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Woozworld.com Website Review & Ratings + Woozworld Coupons

Woozworld is an online virtual world for kids and teens. Woozworld is certified by PRIVO and fully COPPA compliant. This means that none of your child’s information will be available to any third party. This makes it a safe choice for children as young as 6 years old, although many parents recommend it for children ten and older.

As a Woozworld player you can:

According to the website millions of children, tweens and teens join the site every month. It’s free to join and will allow players to be creative and meet new people. Woozworld even allows parents to join to make sure that it’s safe for their child.

Woozworld : What makes it different?

Woozworld allows players to create a virtual life and chat with new friends and old in a safe and fun environment.

Woozworld offers

Woozworld is for people ages 6 to 18+. When you sign in they ask for you to choose your age group. The two age groups are: under 18 and 18 and over.

Parents can check the game out before they allow their children to join by joining in the 18+ group. That way as a parent you can decide if the game is appropriate for your child.

There is no charge to play the game and you can earn Wooz without paying a fee. However to get a large amount of Wooz and other perks you need to subscribe.

If you have any questions or problems with Woozworld or your account you can contact customer service by email.

Woozworld vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Woozworld )

Habbo Hotel is one of the most well-known online virtual games among tweens and teens. However it does not offer any of the safety features of Woozworld and is not certified by PRIVO. They do offer a number of safety tips for parents and children to follow.

With Habbo Hotel you can chat with friends, create avatars and design your own rooms. You are also able to visit other player’s rooms and public rooms. In this way it’s similar to Woozworld. It is also free to join.

Their subscription is less than Woozworld. With Habbo Hotel you get a 30 day subscription for $4.99 and receive an additional 35 credits. However they do not offer you any of the other bonus items that Woozworld offers with their subscription.

Disney’s Toon Town is a free online virtual game for children ages 7 and older where the player can create their own toon character and go on crazy adventures.

Toon Town does not list that it is certified by PRIVO, however they do allow parents to create an account to manage their child’s account settings. They also do not allow third-party advertisements.

Unlike Woozworld there are a lot of restrictions on naming your character, and in some cases your name requires approval. On Toon Town for a non-subscribed member if you don’t log into Toon Town within 180 days then your account will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Although this is not stated as a policy on Woozworld, some members have stated that this can happen.

Toon Town has 3 subscription plans which include the monthly for $9.95, the semi - annual for $49.95, and the annual for $79.95. These are both more than the cost of Woozworld’s subscription and do not include the bonus items.

Woozworld : Pricing & packages

Although Woozworld is free to join, they do have some VIP memberships programs.  These programs have special features like additional Wooz and Beex, unitz, pets, furniture and VIP trophys. Wooz and Beex are used to buy things and unitz is the apartment your avatar lives in.

Such as

  • 1 month subscription which includes 1000 Wooz and Beex. A VIP trophy, a woopetz, and a new unitz. This subscription costs about $5.95 a month
  • 3 month subscription includes 3500 Wooz and Beex, a VIP trophy and Yeti, a woopetz and a new unitz. This subscription costs about $15.95 every 3 months
  • 6 month subscription includes 6000 Wooz and Beex, a VIP trophy and Yeti, a woopetz, 2 new unitz and furniture’s. This subscription costs about $19.95 every 6 months
  • 12 month subscription includes 8500 Wooz and Beex, a VIP trophy, 2 Yeti, 2 woopetz, 2 new unitz and 3 Easter furniture’s. This subscription costs about $29.95 a year

Woozworld accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Zong, Openbucks, Allpass, Zeevex, Piggyback, and even Ultimate Game card.

Woozworld : Product images & screenshots
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Woozworld : Customer reviews & comments

Most people have a good experience with Woozworld, both children and parents. The main problem people have is with the behavior of other players.

My child loves it and she thinks it’s wonderful but there are a few things you need to look out for though is the language. My child came up to me say a male woozen said he would do something which is very sexual and once she log me on so I could get her wooz and I saw this message she had from a woozen that said a bad word now we didn't bother that time but if we had seen it again it was farewell Woozworld so Woozworld has a lot they need to watch for.

Dancigirl via commonsensemedia.org

Hello! I'm a social worker and I play in this game for understanding teenage behavior (and because it's fun, I admit). Me, as others, trying to create a code based on being polite and fair to people. I strongly believe that's the purpose of this game. This game can make kids smarter. There are games and quests in it, mostly made from Woozworld creators but also from players, that contains educational information (it's like tests with questions about geography, math and other issues teens are interesting in). Furthermore, the kids and teens are learning how to earn money and how to spend them (the shopping it is an issue that system and parents can control by setting a daily or weekly limit of "wooz" and "beex" account). There are a lot of advantages of this game, but I thing that you have probably found them out. To say no more, Woozworld game expands creativity, kids can identify good and bad behavior and experiment in how want to look in real present and future. I strongly suggest parents and teachers take part in this game. I've, as a professional, learned and keep learning a lot.

Nikoletta via commonsensemedia.org

This game is awesome! Ur kids can learn here how to organize an event like GAMES, SALE and MORE. It is a good website. Some says it’s boring! But it’s cool! This is good for your kids! It is so fun!!!!

Pjn0705 via commonsensemedia.org

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