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Seafight, by Bigpointe, is an online Multiplayer, browser based game about pirates at sea.  Think Pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard and that sort of thing.    The graphics are simple, and frankly a little boring but with lots of playable space.  The maps are large enough for the scope of the game, but the style is more along the lines of Age of Empires from ten years ago than Perfect World, Everquest or World of War Craft.  As a MMORPG (massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) it offers:

  • Live, in world chat with other players,
  • Interactions with other players in Guilds and in game play.
  • Sea battles!
  • Quests to complete.
  • The ability to advance in rank and complete quests without spending any real money on virtual items.  Well, sort of.
  • The ability to earn gold, pearls other items and then sell and trade in game play.
  • Easy repair and access menus to fix the ship, change weapons, etc..
  • Multiple languages to play in.
  • Helpful Hints and Forums.

Like many online games that promote free play, Seafight keeps all the best stuff and interactions for people who pay for the privilege.   With the popularity of MMORPG increasing all the time, Seafight deserves at least a look from the beginning online gamer.

Seafight: What makes it different?

What makes Seafight in any way different?

Well, not a lot actually.  I found the game a bit boring and superficial with no real depth in the quests or interactions with other online players.  However, there are a few points that beginning gamers might like.

  • You won't get sniped.  Okay, in a lot of online games the biggest problem is getting killed by those jerks who are just waiting for the newbs to get to the multiplayer maps.  In Seafight you get plenty of time to hangout in the 'beginners' map and complete multiple quests before joining the fray on the high seas full of-well,  full of pirates ready to snipe you and take your stuff. 
  • Sea Battles!  This is what the game has going for it.  You can battle other ships in a real time, hit for hit format with multiple weapons.  Who wouldn't want to fire a cannon with explosive cannon balls, honestly?  It would be nice if there was a little more input from the player on customizing your ship, but simple can be good too.
  • Different Tiered Payment Plans.  Yeah, they are running a business, but it's an easy to use one.  They offer a multitude of different levels of pay for play depending on how serious you are about the game and many different ways to pay including the ability to pay through your cell phone.  For people with cash and time to burn, this is a good thing.
  • Multiple Languages in the Browser Options.  The game has been around for awhile, and being based it Germany it allows for a sort of world play.  A player can only interact with other players on the same browser, and if you want to switch from English to German, it looks like you lose your stuff from the other browser.  The option is there, however, and you can have multiple games going on in multiple languages if you want.
Seafight vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Seafight)

Comparing Seafight to other popular MMORGPs is like comparing a simple apple to a multilayered wedding cake.  Its hard to compare a super popular game like Perfect World to something that seems like its on its way out, like Seafight.  There are still some games like it out there, but most of them are actually free (you don't have to spend money to advance) and can be found on facebook, which should be a signal to how far behind the times this game is.  But....

Pirate Quest vs. Seafight

Pirate Quest is another online RPG that features, yep, you guessed it, pirates.  Unlike Seafight, most of the game play here is click for the outcome.  A player clicks on any given action and the outcome is soon printed on the screen.  Boring, but free.  There is a player chat in Pirate Quest, as there is in Seafight, and there is the option of battling other players, as in Seafight.  

Seafight has the real time ship to ship battles, with choices of weapons on the screen and is way more playable in that aspect than Pirate Quest.  The tutorials on Pirate Quest plus the helpful hints that are offered from a talking skull named Jabba, make it user friendly in a way that Seafight is not and the lame game play at least plays smoothly.  Pirate Quest is staightforward, genuinely helpful with its hints and seems to be designed with the player in mind.   Seafight seems more interested in constantly pimping out different 'upgrade' options for real money, which slows down the game and takes you out of the world.

The forum on Pirate Quest is also helpful to get hints and questions answered quickly and correctly from other players.   Seafight also has a forum with newbie topics and hints, but does not seem to be utilized in the same way, and is again, not as user friendly. 

I think everyone who plays online games would agree that being logged off when you step away for five minutes is super annoying, and Seaquest does that with remarkable regularity while Pirate Quest does not.  At least they are consistent.

Neither game requires any significant download, and for the casual gamer this is a big plus for both games.

Neither game allows for much personalization of your 'character' or avatar ship.  Bummer.

Both games allow play with 'friends', and real time interactions which is cool, but both are limited in the game play.  Its like being in a pirate filled chat room full of people saying 'arrrr' at the end of every sentence.

Seafight vs. Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a MMORGP by Sony and is truly massive.  On the general scale of Everquest, it is free to play in a limited way and has some cool graphics and story lines.  To get extra cool items and advance past a certain point you really have to start spending money, but not in a truly significant way.

Since Pirates of the Burning Sea is such a massive game it takes some downloading onto your computer and has updates to download on a regular basis.  For people with limited band width, limited computer space and limited time this would be unworkable.  Seafight, on the other hand, takes very little of all of those things and would be better for the casual gamer. 

The graphics on Pirates of the Burning Sea are far superior to Seafight, and the game play is significantly different.  In Seafight the majority of a player's time is spent on the highseas with a little itty bitty ship zig-zagging around to battle various monsters and ships.  In Pirates of the Burning Sea when you go to port you get a 3-D world to explore and walk around with, NPCs to interact with and other characters to talk to, join up with, or fight.  The sea battles and tall ships have a richer variety of detail and depth in choice and your character can be customized to suit you in almost every way.

What Seaquest has over Pirates of the Burning Sea is its simplicity.  There are no glitches in game play that I could find, and the game moves swiftly and smoothly no matter the band width or internet traffic in your area. 

Both games feature a world of classical pirates and, as we all know, everything is better with pirates.

Seafight: Pricing & packages

How much does Seaquest cost, really?

In fact, its FREE!  Well, sort of.  You get limited game play for free and then there are various subscription packages one can purchase that contain various items and money packages, the usual.  For instance a player can buy a premium Silver Pack for $35.99 that will last six months.  This will allow for instant healing when fights don't go well, and access to a bunch of stuff you can't get with the free version.  You can buy starter kits full of 'gold', 'pearls', and other in game items for $12.99 and then spend that stuff on other stuff in the game.  Think facebook dollars in Farmville.  Not really worth it in my opinion, but if someone is into the game and wants to advance buying the packages really is the best and easiest way.  The biggest problem here is that with every package, and there are a lot of them, Seaquest doesn't really make it easy to find out what each one contains.  There is no easy to access list when you click on the shopping cart.  Just payment options.

In contrast, Pirate Quest has various options for less money, starting $10, and they list right there on the page what each one contains.   They also offer 'Respected' packages in monthly subscriptions that start at $3.00 a month on a month to month basis, and also list everything that comes with it.  In my opinion, Pirate Quest has the better deals and are way more upfront in the pricing department.  One can also just play the free version of Pirate Quest, which isn't that much different from Seafight.

Pirates of the Burning Sea offer a huge world with multiple available items, ships and in game stuff for free.  No purchase necessary.  However, like most addictive games, once a player plays and starts to really get in the game they find they just have to have a special item that one has to purchase in order to use in the game.  There is a reason that Everquest was nicknamed 'Evercrack'.    Certain quests and items can only be had with a $14.99/month subscription, which might be a little steep for the casual gamer.

Seafight: Product images & screenshots
Seafight Coupons
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Seafight: Customer reviews & comments

Don't just listen to my opinion though.  While this game is not my cup of tea, other people who have played it have plenty of good things to say about it.  It's free, has no downloads to slow down your computer, and relatively glitch free.  Great for the casual gamer.

MMOhut says "Seafight is Bigpoint’s most popular game and has a worldwide following.  With 25,000+ concurrent users throughout the day, Seafight is doing something right.  Like other browser based games, Seafight is a small and simple game.  It’s up to the users to create their own excitement through clan wars in this PvP oriented sailing game."

Bright Hub gave the game a thumbs up in their review saying "Want to become the scourge of the seven seas without paying a bundle to play every month? Well, Seafight is your answer then."

Retrohive says, "Looking for some fun, free pirate games to get your blood pumping? Seafight is a free browser based game that offers you fun and adventure on the high seas. While there are some pitfalls to this little free online game you’ll still have some great fun compared to other free mmo games."

As a contrast to the good reviews, Tom, also on Retrohive says "...the customer service is horrible.The company is based in Germany, and it seems they use a lot of tactics that companies use to “trap” people into subscriptions for “advantage packages” that cost anywhere from 18 bucks a month and up. The company has no real “customer care center” as it likes to call itself. If you have a problem you can send a “support” message, which always gets you an automated response, or you are told to refer to their forum message board. The same with the forum…the forum moderators tell you to write to the support center.
The game is a rip-off in my opinion."

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